Wurlitzer 1015

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2 Jukebox Motors for Wurlitzer 1015, Rockola, Seeburg, Rowe AMIWurlitzer One More Time 1015CD Juke Box Type CDK99Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox Parts Lot of 8 Different ItemsORIGINAL WURLITZER 1015 "THE BUBBLER" JUKEBOX Circa 19471940's WURLITZER Jukebox ACTUATING LEVER with ROLLER * 1015 / 1080Wurlitzer 1015 OMT 45rpm juke boxWURLITZER 1500/1550 JUKEBOX PUSH BUTTON SELECTOR ASSEMBLY 45s & 78s 2000 1015 Vtg Original 1946 WURLITZER 1015 "Bubbler" (1080 800 2000) JUKEBOX 78s MachineWURLITZER 1015 OMT "PRINCESS" BUBBLER JUKEBOX+100 CDs+STAND+2 WURLITZER SPEAKERSROCKOLA JUKEBOX+ WURLITZER SPEAKERS-1015 STYLE BUBBLER+REMOTE-100CD, BOOKS+KEYS WURLITZER 1015 JUKEBOX OMT 45 RPMAmi 1015 Wurlitzer Box4 Jukebox Motors for Wurlitzer 1015, Rockola, Seeburg, Rowe AMIWURLITZER 1015 / 1080 Jukebox CUT OFF SWITCH COVER "Never Used" 45119Wurlitzer 1015 Lower Front Base Casting .JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Lower Right Base Casting .JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Bubble tube set 1015 Wurlitzer Plastic Set Wurlitzer Model 1015 Jukebox A Very Nice Working Original Machine Plays 78's Wurlitzer 1015 Upper Mechanism Valance Light Assembly.JukeboxWURLITZER 1015 JUKEBOX P-4008 SPEAKER Dated (1978) #25 of 501946 Wurlitzer Model 1015 Jukebox Salesman Advertising Brochure 10 PagesWurlitzer 1015 Original Cabinet.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Original Front Door Knee.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Original Front Door Knee.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Selection Assembly Lower Wooden Trim.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Selection Assembly Upper Wooden Trim.JukeboxWURLITZER JUKEBOX Special Edition "1015 CD One More Time" 50 CD Juke Box MintJUKEBOX PIN 1015 Wurlitzer W/Guitar 45rpm Record Dancers Sunglasses Charms 4" LWurlitzer 1015 Original Slug Rejector.jukeboxWURLITZER 1015 1080 1100 SLUG REJECTOR COIN ACCEPTORWurlitzer 1015 Amplifier Shelf.jukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Drip Tray.jukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Original Mechanism Valance.jukeboxWurlitzer 750, 1015 & possibly some 61/71 parts - WUR2Wurlitzer 1015 Restored Complete Front Door. JukeboxCrosley WURLITZER JukeBox WR18 1015 MINI BUBBLER CD FM Radio *PLEASE READ* Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox CD ROCKOLA Bubbler Antique Apparatus With RemoteWurlitzer 1015 Jukebox 100-CD One More Time Bubbler Real Wurlitzer "Perfect"Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox CD ROWE Bubbler Antique ApparatusWurlitzer 1015 Jukebox 200 selections 45rpm Bubbler Antique ApparatusOriginal Wurlitzer 1015 1080 1100 Slug RejectorWurlitzer 1015 Jukebox CastingsWurlitzer 1015 Jacobs Tonearm.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Original Coin Board.JukeboxWURLITZER 1015 SPECIAL EDITION CD JUKE BOX WITH MIDIWurlitzer 1015-1080 Coin Grinder.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 1080 Junction Box Relay Door AssemblyWurlitzer 1015 1100 1080 Mechanism Motor. JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Red Title Holder.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Red Title Page Holder.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Jukebox Speaker Door Bracket. Lot Of 2 Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox Title Holders. Wurlitzer 1015 1080 Jukebox Moto Drive Coin Grinder Parts. #2 Original Wurlitzer Jukebox Model 1015 Button Harness Push buttons Wiring StringWurlitzer 1015 Popularity Meter .JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Logo Casting.JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Original Record Platters Set Of 24. JukeboxWurlitzer 1015 Make Selection Casting. JukeboxWurlitzer 780,800,1015,950 Coin Return Cup Casting.Jukebox

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